Installation, Commission and Hand-Over of Solar Photovoltaic Systems


Solar energy is a renewable energy source that is environment friendly and can reduce your electricity bills.


We install the latest solar technology for your business or home to generate your own electricity by capturing the daylight from the sun and converting it in to your own ‘green’ energy.


The solar panels are stylishly installed on the roof of the property, garage or outside space to maximise the sun’s potential, preferably south facing with no shading from obstructions such as trees or taller buildings. The sun’s rays are then converted from a direct current to an alternative current through an inverter which can be monitored through a smart device to observe the systems performance.


Further to the Government’s consultation on the Feed-In Tariff Scheme dated the 19th July 2018, no new applicants will be accepted onto the scheme from March 2019.


With the imminent end of payments for solar generation and the falling costs of storage batteries, now is the time to start storing the energy you generate.


The intelligent storage inverter will store the energy that is generated by monitoring the production and consumption of the solar energy. This is achieved by storing any energy that is not being used rather than sending it to the national grid. The stored electricity will then be used once there is a demand for extra power. You can monitor your solar system on an application from your smart device to view live monitoring of the generation, battery storage and power consumption.


We can design and install a solar system that is suitable for your property type and energy requirements.




We are proud members of the NICEIC who inspect our work periodically. This association upholds our ethos of continuous training and high standards of electrical installations.

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